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A nation without a past is a nation without a present or a future, and there is a difference between a nation with a heritage and a nation that has no heritage. A fact proved by the reality, and T.B.C a company believed in this, a company wanted to be unique in its services using the latest technologies and the latest scientific methods, machines and programs, with the help of expertise, and competences in all departments of the company; to preserve heritage buildings, antiques, manuscripts, documents and early publications, maps and records, Which has been plagued by various environmental factors, great natural disasters, and human neglect for decades and centuries begin phases of treatment, conservation, restoration, archiving, cataloging, and preservation and other very precise and difficult procedures, the company aim to save this item, and preserve it, and make it available through various media to benefit from it again.

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Preserving The past For The Future

TBC provides all solutions and supplies to restore and preserve heritage buildings, antiques, manuscripts, documents, early publications, maps and records, for public and private sectors.


The company provides studies to develop a sufficient concept for everything needed by preservation, maintenance and archiving projects for large and small documentary and library collections and heritage buildings .


The company provides supervision for all maintenance and restoration projects in accordance with international standards and at the specified times in order to ensure a high level of preservation for the holdings, facilities and its attachments.


TBC implements all projects: automation, archiving, software design, restoration and printing of manuscripts and documents, and establishment of restoration laboratories for private and public departments.

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Inspiring minds, fostering innovation, and uniting the world through knowledge - Welcome to the International Academy of Science, where boundaries are surpassed and discoveries are made. Join us on a journey of exploration and collaboration as we strive to unlock the secrets of the universe and shape a brighter future for all.


Featured Case Studies!

Ancient Water Fountains

1761 AD

100 years old textiles of the Kaaba

14th Century Mamluk Qur’an

1316 AD

14th-century Minbar of Seif ed-Dine Taynal Mosque

1336 AD

Al Mansouri Al Kabir Mosque

TBC Restoration Lab Facility

Antique Book Cover Restoration

Calligraphy Painting Restoration

Family Photographs Restoration

Digital Archiving and Microfilm

TBC Secure Storage Facility

TBC Museum Facility

TBC Patents in Restoration Equipment

Antique Valuables Restoration

Vital Records And Original Maps Restoration


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