Al Mansouri Al Kabir Mosque

Islamic Ornementation

Its uses are evident in relying on it to restore the missing artistic elements in the covers of manuscripts and complete them in accordance with the technical and scientific controls for careful restoration, and the restoration team adopts the foundations and materials that are compatible with the nature of the archeological holdings and wood to be restored.

The second phase of the project of organizing the Nabawi’s Traditions Chamber at the Great Mansouri Mosque has been completed for the benefit of the Islamic Awkaf Department in Tripoli.

The organizing work included the decoration of the antique’s marble treasury and its gold leafing. This was done by the team of Lebanese Company TBC , which is specialized in restoring manuscripts, antique and archaeological textiles, and with the participation of Dr. Sinam Aktach, who specializes in the art of gilding from the faculty of Fine Arts at Marmara University in Istanbul.

  • TBC also restored and gilded The Marble of Al-Hamidi Mosque EL-Mina