TBC Patents in Restoration Equipment

Thermal Reinforcement Machine

  • It is a special device for consolidating and strengthening crumbled and chipped documents, papers and manuscripts.

Special Machine for Sterilization

  • A special machine to sterilize documents and books and completely eliminate all types of existing biological organisms (bacteria – fungi – insects) and make them safe from these pests.

Automatic Repair Machine

  • A special machine for restoring documents, manuscripts and books. Manufacturing all types of papers for manual restoration work in terms of thickness, color and size.

Cleaning Device

  • It is a special device for dry cleaning of manuscripts, documents and books from the attributes and dust stuck on their pages in a safe, easy and fast way.

Special Blender For Mixing Fibers

  • It is a mixer with special specifications and a large capacity that is used to mix and prepare cellulosic fibers for the work of the automatic restoration device.