Antique Valuables Restoration

All archaeological and heritage collectibles, including metal models and stucco works, interwoven with glass, ancient copper, bronze, marble and iron collectibles and the historical and artistic values they carry, are exposed to self-destructive factors, which makes them vulnerable to loss and extinction over time, and the science of restoration remains the Therapeutic and preventive medicine that revives these holdings of loss and extinction.

In order to protect these collectibles, TBC has equipped specialized laboratories to receive and restore of all different works of art materials to preserve the cultural heritage of institutions and individuals, where the company’s team work to achieve the best results of restoration of collectibles according to international standards.

17th Century Water Fountain Of Mustafa Sinan

The Sabil of Mustafa Sinan lies in Suq El-Selah Street close to the Madrasa of Ilgay. It was founded by Mustafa Sinan in 1630 and these buildings were usually constructed to provide the thirsty passersby with cold water and the poor ignorant people with religious education. The Sabil is the only remaining part of the whole complex that once included a Kuttab. of special interest in this Sabil now are the handsome tiles over its sides. After the tremendous efforts restoring this building, it is worth visiting for its unique style of decoration that mixes the Ottoman and Mamluk styles and its marvelous geometric patterns and arabesque works over its windows.