Vital Records And Original Maps Restoration


The Company is distinguished in restoring manuscripts using natural materials as much as the manuscript need to ensure the preservation of its chemical and archaeological properties through an integrated technical and scientific team with the necessary skills and expertise.


The means of document restoration is a distinctive sign in the way of preserving documents of all kinds and forms in the Middle East, based on the use of natural materials and high degrees of survival and highs recoverability when needed.


The company guarantees achieving the best restoration results for all kind of publications using techniques and natural materials gives a longer life to the prints to ensure the preservation of their structure and characteristics.


All types of maps are restored using the most appropriate map restoration materials, taking into account the technical characteristics through a specialized restoration team.


The techniques of direct restoration of photographic material depend on using the same materials as the image industry and reviewing the newest developed methods and effective materials in treatment due to the difficulty of working with it, and the distinctive skills of the restoration team required for image restoration.

Artistic Works

It is characterized by the presence of the expertise and techniques necessary for the restoration maintenance and preservation of collectibles such as oil and paper paintings, globes and archaeological frames.